Whenever you are looking for a quite efficient dot measuring solution out of your hand reaching work place, it is just a super great work for users before getting a correct dot positioning tool. At the same time, on basis of quite mature and quiet advanced 515nm green laser diode tech, when it is limited to be manufactured into different finished laser device, it is just moderated into a quite advanced dot measuring tool of green dot laser alignment. According to its quite easy connect with electric power source of DC input power supply, supported by different operating voltage of 3V or 8.4V, this laser diode module is always keeping the brightest forest green color laser dot targeting on all working surfaces.
The use of 515nm green dot laser alignment is just getting different color laser beam from 532nm green DPSS laser system. It is only projecting direct laser light from 515nm green laser diode, in process of long term continuous laser dot targeting work, it is just showing its superiority. According to its quite quick and accurate dot targeting, this green laser module is not simply used for temporary dot positioning, but mainly workable for continuous green alignment laser dot instruction including laser marking, military targeting, drilling work, laser medical research and lab experiment etc.
This green line laser alignment is always projecting forest green color laser beam and laser dot in use. However, once it is getting the use of higher output power range of 30mW to 50mW, it is always equipped with even higher operating voltage of 8.4V DC input power supply. Not the same as formally used 4.2V DC power source, only if this laser diode module is being equipped with quite higher operating voltage, it is just able to get continuous green laser dot targeting in distance. This green laser module is just keeping higher laser beam consumption and high thermal energy consumption, only if users are selecting proper operating voltage, it is able to keep super nice working condition, and making sure of its highly stable and reliable green alignment laser dot targeting all the time.
The use of green dot laser alignment is just being used as an accessory part of those of industrial machine or device, which is always keeping very easy and convenient installation and adjustment in any work place. At the same time, when users are seriously limited to get clear enough dot targeting, the assistance from mounting bracket has just solved the problem, which is allowing three dimensions free adjustment of laser dot targeting direction. After very simple adjustment of laser beam focus and high attention to powerful green laser light with a pair of laser safety glasses, this green laser module makes the easiest laser dot instruction precisely and accurately.